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Software consulting is probably the most valuable service we can offer you. Your project requirements are quite unique, and there may only be one or two optimal solutions. So how do you know the best platform or technology to use, or the best direction to take? It's an art more than it is a science. We've been at this for over two decades, so I think we do a good job relative to other software consulting companies when it comes to getting to the heart of the problem quickly.  


Like many things related to custom software, providing software consulting services is more involved than it first appears. To be a really good software consulting firm, your team needs to possess certain skills. I've listed a few of them below. 


Ask The Right Questions

Software consulting is like solving a puzzle.  To solve your puzzle, together we need to put the pieces in the right position. To figure out where your pieces go, we need to ask many questions. Some questions provide very little value, while others unlock the key to your puzzle. Software consulting is similar. To get the best answers, we need to ask the best questions and spend as little time as possible on the wrong ones.  As software consultants, the way we attack your specific problem allows us to get to the most important aspects of your project as quickly as possible. It's the most important service we offer because it has the biggest impact on your project.


Be A Good Listener

Once we've asked the right questions, we need to then be a good listener. It's a lost art, believe me. By listening to your answers and understanding your answers, we are able to gather the most useful information to help you. In reality, we are taking the information you provide to us and processing it (i.e. running it through the patented "Rob Hopper"). That's how we grow to understand your unique problem. Our software consultants ask relevant questions, and listen to your answers.


Confirm The Obvious

Have you ever said something only to be surprised that your words were taken wrong? Our brains work a little differently, and often times the same words just mean something different to someone else. The only way I've figured out to address this problem is to never fail to confirm the obvious. As I'm listening to your answers, I like to confirm what you meant, to avoid any confusion down the road.  It just isn't good enough to go through the motions here. As a professional software consultant, we need to completely get it. There are no shortcuts.



Right about now the data is streaming out of the "Rob Hopper". In other words, the light bulb for your unique problem is starting to come on in my head. And this is when we start brainstorming, throwing ideas around in a highly collaborative fashion. Of course, I also rely on my experience, wisdom, (charm, personality, good looks - 1 out of 3 isn't bad, right?) to come up with the best solutions to your problem.


In all of the above, one thing should be crystal clear. Communication is critical.  The more complex your project is, the more critical communication becomes. It makes a lot of sense if you think about it. If we cannot communicate at a high level (due to language or cultural barriers, for example), there is no way we are going to get to that Zen place where we both share the same vision. It's not going to happen. If you need a simple website, there are lots of offshore software consulting companies that can help you. You've found our company because for your particular project, that just isn't going to cut it.  You need something more.


Practical Advice

If money were no object, my job would be a lot easier. But in reality, we all have to live with budgets and other constraints. The advice I provide has to fit within your specific constraints, which probably involves time, money, and a host of other factors. You need good advice, but you also need practical advice geared to your particular situation.  So our software consulting services are designed to come to the optimal solution - customized precisely for you. I think this sets our firm apart.


Areas of Expertise

My wife might think I'm a genius (please don't tell her the truth), but in reality my areas of expertise are somewhat limited. For example, if you need advice on how to beat the odds in Las Vegas, I'm not your guy. Sorry, I don't gamble. But I can help you with just about anything related to custom software, including the following:


Picking the appropriate software technology for your situation

Clear up questions about web, desktop or mobile technologies

Selecting the best hardware platform, given your budget

Defining your custom software requirements

Helping you plan and manage the entire project

Selecting the best database technology

Our software consulting services are designed to help you achieve the best solution possible, taking into consideration your unique circumstances, business environment, budget, technical requirements, goals and objectives, and more.


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