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PLENTYDES sports a culture of spirited growth, achievement, commitment and teamwork. We provide excellent opportunity, and expect excellence in the efforts of people.


As a young organization, PLENTYDES has no traditional mindsets and barriers. Things are changing and improving all the time, and every person matters. Performance is instantly recognized and rewarded. Every person's career receives attention, and proceeds with positive energy. Business earnest is balanced by the fun-loving team.


Obviously, the workplace is vibrant and open. Facilities are excellent, and provide you with the support required for executing complex projects.


But this is all as it should be, in any good software company. Let us look beyond the promise of roses.


PLENTYDES was started with an unwavering vision of building a global software engineering powerhouse. Building such an organization needs not only good people, but their constant commitment. To succeed needs the joint efforts of many of us, working in tandem.


For PLENTYDES, project deadlines and client commitments are set in stone. So is our set of fundamental values. To deliver excellent results and exceed expectations, you will have to put in that little "extra". Going the extra mile is expected of each of us, and if we want to build what we want to build, that extra mile is required.


You will face unprecedented openness, and management clarity, at PLENTYDES. In line with this, we warn you today: if the adrenaline of work doesn't rush to your head, this is probably not the place for you.


Life: Infinite Possibilities

Later in life, you may want to start something of your own. There is no better place to arm yourself, to see a growing company in action and learn!

Later in life, you may want to be senior leadership at a large organization. PLENTYDES will be that organization, and you have the opportunity today to get in early!

Later in life, you may want to become an innovator or mad scientist. PLENTYDES's strong practical focus arms you to implement crazy ideas!

Later in life, you may want to retire early and relax. Our IPO, stock options and wealth-sharing approach may just be right for you!

Organization: Growing


Zero-politics, zero-gossip, zero-bonds

Knowledge/intellectual activities focus

Open, non-intrusive atmosphere

Where the mind is without fear

And the head is held high

Career: Unique opportunities


Fast-track career growth paths

Freedom to pursue technical, management and leadership paths as you grow

Freedom to acquire deep expertise in one area (DeepSkilling)

Freedom to learn about a lot of things (WideSkilling)

Work: Great


Product development

Full-cycle projects

Cross-platform skills

Techie team, techie leadership (no management types!)

Challenging technology base

We invite you to speak to some of our people and understand what makes us happy! It is fun to work at PLENTYDES. Come. Experience the enthusiasm and passion

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